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GFCI 3 was published in March 2008.

Mark Yeandle, Michael Mainelli and Ian Harris, Z/Yen Group Limited
(City of London Corporation, March 2008)

The top eight centres in GFCI 3 have maintained the same rankings as in GFCI 2. GFCI 3 shows again that London and New York are the two leading global financial centres, some 90 points ahead of the next two centres. Singapore (ranked number 4) is gaining slightly on Hong Kong (ranked number 3), with the gap between those two centres narrowing in GFCI 3 to just 20 points. GFCI 3 contains a special chapter (Chapter 5) focusing on skills in the financial sector, a critical component of competitiveness.

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The Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI) was first produced by the Z/Yen Group in March 2007 following another research project into city competitiveness undertook in 2005. The aim of the GFCI is to examine the major financial centres globally in terms of competitiveness. The GFCI has been published every six months (although the index is actually produced every three months). Find out more about previous editions of the GFCI in the Financial Centre Futures Publications section.

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The GFCI is regularly mentioned in the media globally. For more information, see our media coverage section.

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