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Global Financial Centres Index 18

GFCI 18 was published in September 2015 as part of the Financial Centre Futures publications (press release).

Mark Yeandle, Z/Yen Group Limited
(Z/Yen Group and Qatar Financial Centre, September 2015)

London has moved ahead of New York to reclaim the number one position. London climbed 12 points in the ratings to lead New York by eight points. The GFCI is on a scale of 1,000 points and we believe that a lead of fewer than 20 points indicates relative parity. London and New York are often as much complementary as competitive. It is noticeable that assessments for London have been higher since the general election in May 2015.

London, New York, Hong Kong, and Singapore remain the four leading global financial centres. New York (2nd) is now only 33 points ahead of Hong Kong (3rd). Tokyo (5th), is only 25 points behind the leading four centres.

GFCI 18 provides profiles, rating and rankings for 84 financial centres, drawing on two separate sources of data - instrumental factors (external indices) and responses to an online survey. 105 factors have been used in GFCI 18. GFCI 18 uses 28,676 financial centre assessments completed by 3,194 financial services professionals. In addition to the 84 centres covered by the index, 12 'associate centres' are being researched and will join the index when they receive sufficient assessments.

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  • GFCI 18 International Launch, China Development Institute, Shenzhen, 23 September 2015. 

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The Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI) was first produced by the Z/Yen Group in March 2007 following another research project into city competitiveness undertook in 2005. The aim of the GFCI is to examine the major financial centres globally in terms of competitiveness. The GFCI has been published every six months (although the index is actually produced every three months). Find out more about previous editions of the GFCI in the Financial Centre Futures Publications section. Take the GFCI questionnaire.

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The GFCI is regularly mentioned in the media globally. For more information, see our media coverage section.

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