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The Conservation Foundation is looking for a new Chair

Chiara von Gunten Thursday, 03 October 2013 19:25

The Conservation Foundation is looking to replace Matthew Bennett, who is stepping down after four years as its Chair. This is a particularly exciting time for the Foundation which has a number of high profile initiatives and others in development.

The Foundation hopes to find someone with creative and entrepreneurial skills combined with flair, ideas, contacts and a good sense of humour. The Chair needs an awareness and an interest of the many environmental issues of our times, but as the Foundation does not campaign, an involvement in politics is less important than an understanding of sponsors’ requirements, support for existing initiatives and the ability to introduce the Foundation to new opportunities and sources of support.  Whilst a background in PR or the media could be useful - good address book is a must.

There are opportunities for the Chair to be involved in events and activities as well as representing the Foundation at a wide variety of occasions, many of which are in London.

The Conservation Foundation was established in 1982 by David Shreeve, the Executive Director, and Professor David Bellamy to promote positive environmental news, awareness and action. It was one of the first organisations to build bridges between business and the environment, at the forefront of the corporate responsibility movement and has played a significant role in helping to change corporate attitudes to the environment.

Over the past 31 years, the Foundation has worked with many commercial organisations, trade associations, national and European governments, statutory bodies, NGOs, trusts and foundations to create and manage awards, programmes, environmental initiatives, publications, conferences and seminars. It is particularly proud of the length of many of its links with commercial organisations.

For more information on the Conservation Foundation, visit their website.

For more information on this position, please contact David Shreeve (020 7591 3111).