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Smart Ledger Cities: How Do We Rate And Rank Them?



Wednesday 27 June, 2018






The Furniture Makers Hall, 12 Austin Friars, EC2N 2HE Map


Professor Michael Mainelli
Z/Yen Group



Z/Yen held a workshop for a select audience of around 15-20 people, which was preceded by networking and refreshments. 

Smart Ledgers are the ‘next big thing’ in technology. They’re based on a combination of mutual distributed ledgers (MDLs, aka blockchain: multi-organisational databases with a super audit trail, used since 2009 in cryptocurrencies) with embedded programming and sensing, thus permitting semi-intelligent, autonomous transactions. Smart Ledgers are touted as a technology for fair play in a globalised world.

The workshop investigated if we can rate and rank Cities (centres) based on the below criteria (“IDLP” acronym), and if so, what are the instrumental factors?:

  • I = Identity: How much is happening generally in a site, its viability
  • D = Documentation & Agreements: How standards-type agencies are agreeing the nuts and bolts
  • L = Legal & Regulatory: What are the mechanisms for enforcing contracts
  • P = Payments, Currencies: How are SL payments used/not used


Workshop Slides (Click Here)


Smart Ledger Cities: How Do We Rate And Rank Them?

Date : Wednesday 27 June, 2018

Time : 08:30 to 10:30

Venue : The Furniture Makers Hall, 12 Austin Friars, EC2N 2HE


  • 08:30 Welcome, Coffee & Refreshments
  • 09:00 Smart Ledgers: The Global Landscape – Professor Michael Mainelli, Z/Yen Group
  • 09:20 Workshop – Facilitated by Greg Williams
  • 10:30am Summary, next steps
  • 10:30 Formal close