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The London Accord 2007 - a compendium of 24 reports which set out the context for investments in climate change solutions, analyse individual opportunities and discuss the implications for the construction of investment portfolios.

Delivering Copenhagen



City of London Corporation

Consilience Energy Advisory Group (CEAG)

London Accord

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Delivering Copenhagen

Report Date

September 2009

Release Date

November 2009

Document summary

The Role of the City’s Financial Services Sector in Supporting Action on Climate Change.
If Copenhagen is to succeed Kyoto it is essential policymakers send clear, strong signals of their commitment. A huge investment in clean technology is needed to prevent global warming, but given the scale of investment required plus deteriorating public finances in many countries it is only by leveraging private sector capital that the challenge can be met. Innovative financing techniques are required and the report looks at several financing structures which could be harnessed to assist in the fight against climate change. The role of ‘trade’ in cap-and-trade is considered along with index-linked carbon bonds, forest-backed bonds and weather derivatives.