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DasCoin: White Paper & Economic Simulation

In November 2016, Z/Yen Group organised a Long Finance seminar to explore the intellectual underpinning of the DasCoin cryptocurrency, ahead of its official launch in 2017. Participants were particularly interested in the hybrid approach combining centralised and decentralised features, the whitelisting process (KYC processes), and the referral-based licensing system. They were equally interested in the opportunity for capital appreciation within the system. They noted however the need for clarity on how DasCoin would work in practice, notably the conversion process between fiat currency (Euros, US dollars) or Bitcoins and Cycles, on the one hand, and then from Cycles to DasCoin on the other hand.

Following the publication of the seminar proceedings, DasCoin asked Z/Yen Group to produce a white paper and run an economic simulation exploring in-depth the intellectual underpinnings of DasCoin under a range of plausible scenarios. The economic simulation is intended to provide a means of discussing the economics of DasCoin with outsiders, and could form the basis for the specification of a “market quality” dashboard for discussion with regulators and academics.

Starting in March 2017, this project seeks to add clarity on how DasCoin will work in practice. As part of it, Z/Yen will carry out a detailed analysis of the key features of the system including token exchange, conversion mechanisms, capital appreciation, and governance. The project aims to run an economic simulation of DasCoin under various scenarios taking into account variables such as conversion rates, market capitalisation and volatility.

A webinar will be held in April to present interim findings. The outputs – the simulator and a white paper suitable for submission to a reputable journal – are expected to be delivered in May 2017.

For more information, contact Professor Michael Mainelli (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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