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Past editions

Farsight Award 2015/16
Press release 38 entries 9  shortlisted reports
Winner Deutsche Bank "The Logistics of Supply Chain Alpha"
Runner-Up Barclays "Climate Change: Warming Up For COP-21"
Highly commended Dr Nick Goddard and Long Finance "Uses and Abuses of Discount Rates: A Primer For The Wary"
Farsight Award 2014/15
Press release 56 entries 7 shortlisted reports
Winner Kepler Cheuvreux "Tax Me If You Can: Game Over"
Highly commended Green Alliance & Hermes "The Future Savings Challenge: The Implications of Generation Y's Attitude to Finance and Sustainability"
Highly commended Sustainalytics "Banks: Like a Phoenix from the Ashes?"
Farsight Award 2013/14
Press release 69 entries 5 shortlisted reports
Winner Lloyd's "Feast or Famine: Business and Insurance Implications of Food Safety and Security"
Highly commended Bank of America Merrill Lynch "Globesity Primer - the Global Fight Against Obesity"
Highly commended Kepler Cheuvreux "Remunerations: Publish Why You Pay"
Farsight Award 2012/13
Press release 95 entries 7 shortlisted reports
Winner Kepler Cheuvreux "Luxury Goods - Sustainability Sector Profile"
Highly commended Bank of America Merrill Lynch "Less is More: Global Energy Efficiency"
Highly commended Deutsche Bank "Foreign Investment in Farmland"
Farsight Award 2011/12
Press release 117 entries 10 shortlisted reports
Winner Responsible Research
(now Sustainalytics)
"The Future of Fish in Asia"
Highly commended Bank Sarasin "Sustainable Fulfilment of Sovereign Obligations"
Highly commended Carbon Tracker "Unburnable Carbon – Are the World’s Financial Markets Carrying A Carbon Bubble?"
Highly commended HSBC "Sizing the Climate Economy"
Farsight Award 2010/11
Press release 34 entries 5 shortlisted reports
Winner Bank Sarasin "The World in a Dilemma between Prosperity and Resource Protection"
Highly commended JP Morgan "Shedding Light on Microfinance Equity Valuation: Past and Present"
Highly commended UniCredit Group "The Halo's Creed"
Farsight Award 2009/10
    6 shortlisted reports
Winner Société Générale "Green New Deal"
Highly commended Kepler Cheuvreux "Electrify Me!"
Farsight Award 2008/09
Press release 9 entries  
Winner Credit Suisse "The Inconvenient Math - The Implications Of Costed Carbon"
Farsight Award 2007/08
Press release 6 entries  
Winner Kepler Cheuvreux "Utilities vs. Carbon: Phase II"
Farsight Award 2006/07
Press release 11 entries  
Winner Citigroup "Towards Sustainable Mining"
Highly commended Innovest "Nanotechnology"
Highly commended West LB "Mobility in a Flat World"
Highly commended JP Morgan "Obesity"